About the Designer

Teresa Pinedo is a Hawaii born designer, who is recognized for her sultry fabrics, flattering silhouettes and versatile wardrobes, specifically designed for the well-travelled. Teresa's tropical, island life upbringing exposed her to resort fashion influences at a young age. Maui being the hub-cap of influential travelers from all over the world, Teresa took a keen interest in resort wear, aka "cruise fashion".  

Teresa's innate interest in art, music, design and travel flourished naturally at a young age. In her early teens she started designing her own swimwear and jewelry line, which uncovered her passion for the arts. Later she studied and worked under Canadian fashion designer Maggie Coulombe, where she learned first-hand how to run a fashion house, style celebrities, organize fashion shows and manage retail stores around the world. During this time, it became apparent that fashion was her entrepreneurial course.  

"the women I design for are feminine, confident and cultured. I want them to feel comfortable but yet sexy and free in my designs. I want them to walk into a room and everyone has eyes on them."  - Teresa Pinedo

Teresa now based in Los Angeles, with a bohemian spirit which shines through her designs, has launched her first ready-to-wear brand, "SAÏNT MOJAVÏ".  Her "Desert X" collection, which is inspired by desert landscapes from around the globe, is currently available to accompany a new era of globe-trotting fashionistas.  

Teresa poses in her studio with her pattens & latest designs from the Desert X collection in Los Angeles, CA.