From architectural silhouettes to free flowing designs, the aesthetic of SAÏNT MOJAVÏ is born. The Los Angeles based ready-to-wear line is designed for the jet-set generation that accents the essence of women all around the globe. SAÏNT MOJAVÏ embodies the art of Fashion Escapism. The brand transcends trends, promotes timelessness while re-inventing classics with masterful cuts. SAÏNT MOJAVÏ's goal is to design beautiful garments for all genders and encourage personal expression through fashion.

Founded in 2018 by Hawai'i born designer Teresa Pinedo, she had a clear vision to dress and empower women and men through fashion. From Italy to Seoul SAÏNT MOJAVÏ ethically sources their luxe, recycled and organic materials, also supports sustainability by using "pre-loved" fabrics from local markets. Reducing waste is a key component to the brands belief system; limited production batches and made-to-order garments make this feasible. 

SAÏNT MOJAVÏ's captivating collections and feminine designs are the definition of style with ease. Every design is meticulously crafted out of SAÏNT MOJAVÏ's artisan atelier in downtown, Los Angeles. The brands designs have been featured in leading fashion publications such as The Zoe Report, Who What Wear and Forbes to name a few.