Behind The Scenes of the "LA CARTAGENA COLLECTION"

SAÏNT MOJAVÏ takes on the undiscovered latin country of Cartagena, Colombia to shoot their Spring 2020 campaign, "La Cartagena Collection".

The La Cartagena Collection is inspired by the 16th century colorful colonial town of Cartagena. This historic Latin town is filled with cobblestone streets, warm sea-breezes and the sound of salsa music which creates the aesthetic of the 2020 Spring Collection. Tropical color-filled fabrics like matcha-green silks and dragon- fruit fuchsias are just a glimpse of the hues this collection introduces. This season’s silhouettes are inspired by the Spanish Flamenco art-form, with cuts designed for warm nights filled with Bachata and Salsa dancing in elegance.

 "Everywhere I looked, every street corner, coffee shop and rooftop was a photo opportunity to create the best landscape to compliment this collection", shares Teresa Pinedo the Designer of SAÏNT MOJAVÏ.

When Teresa visited Cartagena for the first time she was overwhelmed with inspiration and immediately had to create a collection inspired by this town. Teresa is the third generation in her family to live in the United States, with her heritage being of Latin American descent, feels this collection is very close to her heart and truly represents her background.  

The collection comes to life under the Latin American sun with Julian Succo, a native Colombian photographer who shot the 2020 look-book. Julian worked closely with Creative Director Teresa Pinedo to bring her vision for this campaign to life. "Julian just gets it", Teresa shares. "He understood my vision, the vibe for this campaign and within seconds he took my vision and ran with it" Teresa continues.  Together they created a perfect novella of a typical day for a Colombian fashionista in the streets of Cartagena. 

In front of the camera was the beautiful Floriane Ribeiro a native Colombian model who spent her early career modeling in France. "She was the ideal face to have for this collection, she graced every piece and pose like a rockstar", shared the Designer. Teresa prefers to work with local photographers and models when traveling to other countries to shoot campaigns. "You get a real glimpse into that country when you work with locals which will transfer into the finish product. It's the only way and the best way I like to work", she adds. 

In this Spring 2020 Collection you will find our classic Palazzo Pants redesigned in a feminine flower embroidered eyelet cotton making this the ideal outfit for yacht sailing the Mediterranean sea. Along with our newest silhouette the Cartagena Collar Dress in a seersucker cotton, designed with vintage inspired buttons and a open back halter. Lets not forget the La Flamenco outfit! The top is designed with flamboyant bowtie adjustable shoulder straps and the high-waist skirt is cut with an asymmetrical ruffle hem to create the perfect midi. 

You can now check out the full collection and pre-order your favorite pieces online at 

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