Behind the “Desert X” Collection

The SAÏNT MOJAVÏ "Desert X" collection which is short for Desert Escape is inspired by a desert love story. The designs are romantically effortless, feminine, sultry and timeless, with silhouettes designed from different elements of the desert. From Morocco to the Mojave, every color in the collection represents a part of nature's hues, inspired by muted earth tones imitating desert landscapes and sunsets around the globe. “We fell in love with the raw beauty of deserts, which inspired our 2018 collection”, say’s Hawaiian native Teresa Pinedo, the founder and designer of SAÏNT MOJAVÏ.

The Spanish inspired Flamenco Dress is designed with a cascade of ruffles for sleeves. This lightweight, playful, cotton-linen blend is a easy to wear sundress dress that accentuates the shoulders and cinches the waistline with a matching waist belt.

"The women I design for are feminine, confident and cultured. I want them to feel comfortable but yet sexy and free in my designs." - Teresa Pinedo


The symbol of the white flag in this setting represents the surrendering to the desert. Giving up to the universe and trusting it will lead the way.

The "Desert X" look-book was shot at a very remote location on the boarder of California and Mexico. Photographed by the talented celebrity photographers Marc and Paula Kayne, they really brought to life the vision that Teresa had for the collection. Shown here on the beautiful Swiss model Angeline Suppiger, who gracefully enhances the desert landscape, was truly the final piece to the puzzle.


The MOJAVÏ Wrap top is inspired by the desert sunsets that paint the sky. Designed to be worn multiple different ways, while accentuating a plunging waistline, and featuring our favorite cutout silhouette.

When Teresa was designing this collection, she had envisioned a woman wandering the desert, with miles and miles of sand dunes surrounding her. The lady is dressed so elegantly that it looks as if she is going somewhere magical. During her journey alone she would come across different hidden oases, that would help to pave her path to where she is going. In the scene above, the lady is enjoying a romantic picnic, while absorbing the raw beauty of the desert as she waits for her love to appear. Teresa wanted to take the viewer to a sultry, Moroccan setting, where they would really feel the essence of the desert.


The Dasht-e-Margo bodysuit is a statement piece sure to turn heads. 

The off the shoulder, seamless ruffle bodysuit is named after the 20th largest desert in the world located in the middle east, Dasht-e-Margo. The color of this piece, named “Desert Rock”, is derived from the rocky-clayish plains which closely mimics that of the Dasht-e-Margo. Every piece in the collection is named after exotic deserts around the world, from the well-known Kalahari desert to the unfamiliar Thar desert. The name of the collection is short for Desert Escape, which represents someone who ventures into the desert to escape reality, but ends up finding themselves, and begins the journey within.




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