Forbes Names Teresa Pinedo as a Female Founder to Celebrate on IWD

To honor International Women’s Day, Forbes did a round up some amazing woman-owned brands in the fashion and beauty space. The Founder & Designer of SAÏNT MOJAVÏ, Teresa Pinedo was named along with 11 other female founders. Teresa founded SAÏNT MOJAVÏ in 2018 with a goal of empowering women through fashion and she had some valuable advice to give future female entrepreneurs:


"I feel women naturally have a strong intuition or gut instinct. I believe we can break into any industry and thrive if we can learn to closely listen to our intuition and apply that to business." 


The history of women being business owners, or holding high-level positions in companies is still fairly new and uncommon across the globe. We find it extremely important and significant now more than every to mention, acknowledge, support and inspire all women is any space. 

When interviewed Teresa was asked; what tips can you offer for aspiring entrepreneurs, she replied: “Don't lose sight of why you started in the first place." she counties:


"Many times throughout your carrier your going to feel overwhelmed, defeated or unsure why you decided to leave your 9-5, perfectly secured job with health benefits to become an entrepreneur... and its at that very moment you need to remind yourself WHY you started this journey in the first place." 


There are many women in this world that deserve recognition for all their hard work and achievements. There are also many women that deserve acknowledgment and praise for making it possible for women to have a voice today. Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives, Girlfriends, and Trans-womens all make the community of females so powerful, that without them this world would be missing something very special.


Teresa Pinedo Saint Mojavi in Forbes

Teresa Pinedo in Forbes

Teresa Pinedo in Forbes