Cause Collection - Support the Future of the Fashion Industry

SAÏNT MOJAVÏ has taken a keen interest in The FIDM Scholarship Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping students achieve a college education in fashion, interior design, and entertainment. The designer of SAÏNT MOJAVÏ, Teresa Pinedo, is very passionate about helping young designers receive the opportunity to follow their passion and dreams in the arts. Programs like the FIDM Scholarship Foundation helped the designer pave her career in fashion when she was a student.

FIDM funding comes primarily from merchandise donations from over 400 manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers. They typically donate in the form of clothing, fabrics, fashion supplies and accessories. This merchandise is then sold in the FIDM Scholarship Store and proceeds from these sales generate scholarships for current students. 

"The FIDM Scholarship Foundation helps dreams become a reality. " - Teresa Pinedo

Thanks to merchandise donations along with sales generated from the store, the FIDM Scholarship Foundation has awarded over $7 million in scholarships to deserving students since its inception.  Upon graduating, these scholarship recipients have gone on to launch successful careers in the fashion, interior design, and entertainment industries.

"Sustainability is not about designing less, but designing better." - Teresa Pinedo

In the ever-growing fashion industry thats characterized by embracing the "new" or trendy product, how do we eliminate waste? Fashion experts from BOF to Patagonia are all leaning toward sustainable ways to design new and eco-friendly products. In the US alone 85% of fabrics end up in the landfill and experts estimate that waste generated from textiles alone are worth $500 billion a year. Organizations like the FIDM Foundation help eliminate this problem while simultaneously give back to the students. 

SAÏNT MOJAVÏ has selected 4 styles from the Desert X collection which have been designed using sustainable fabrics from the Scholarship Foundation, while helping FIDM students pursue their college degree. When Teresa discovered this program she immediately gravitated toward the idea and now plans to design a "cause collection" every year using sustainable fabrics.