Beloved SAINT MOJAVI friends and family, 

During these unprecedented times all of us are facing across the globe, we here at SAINT MOJAVI have had to pivot our business practices like never before. Changing the way we think about fashion, design, production, retail, and shopping. We are strategizing the best that we can for our brand today, and with the "new normal" we are all now facing.

“One thing that will never change is change. It is a constant, forevermore that we have come to accept, and as humans we will learn how to evolve for the better with the changing times.”– Teresa Pinedo 

Our factories remain open by being considered an essential business, producing face masks and PPE for essential and medical workers. Our design team is currently working from home, our marketing campaigns are being shot by models in the comfort of their homes, and our collection launches have become virtual. We are shifting the typical "business as usual," especially when it comes to supporting our business culture and local community.   

Giving back to the community was our first priority. We have donated 500 N95 masks to health care workers and nursing homes, and 600 face masks for the vulnerable, essential workers. Bamboo face masks are also available on our website, for our friends and family to purchase for themselves or loved ones.

“The empathy in my heart aches from the millions of people that are affected by this virus not only physically but emotionally, financially & spiritually.” – Teresa Pinedo 

Since the birth of SAINT MOJAVI, we have taken pride in every garment produced, acknowledge the importance of the craftsmanship and the energy that goes into every detail. We are designed, developed, and manufactured in America. The quality of our materials and the fair wages that we pay our factory employees are all a direct reflection of our core values as a company.

SAINT MOJAVI is not fast fashion, in fact, far from it with our made to order aspect and limited number of units produced for every collection. We are a small business that's feeling the hardships of this pandemic, and with the sudden change of the economic state across the globe we have learned that it is time for us to evolve. Therefore, we have lowered our online pricing in response to the financial crisis we all feel in every community.

"It fills me with excitement and optimism to announce that for the time being, we have lowered our online pricing by 40-65% for our loyal customers." - Teresa Pinedo 

We hope that this knowledge will better help you understand the value of our products, and the new reduced pricing you can now shop them at. As we all move into our third  month of business closures and social distancing, we hope that our brand will continue to bring a bit of brightness to your days.

Please stay safe, stay strong, and help those in need during these challenging times. I believe with humility we can help humanity get through this all together. 

Love and Light,

Teresa Pinedo
Founder and Designer

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